When Teaching Your Daughters about Gender Equality is No Longer Enough (Guest Post by Benjamin L. Corey)


Jory Micah


The meeting wasn’t supposed to involve any controversial moments, or so I thought. I had been waiting outside on the sidewalk for 20 minutes or so while the others in the church discussed my nomination as an elder of the church. My suspicion that something went wrong was confirmed when I got a text from one of my friends in the meeting—he had dismissed himself to the restroom and secretly sent me a message giving me a heads up.

“There’s a problem.” He said. “But when you come back in, try to answer as humbly and calmly as possible and I think everything will be fine.”

I wasn’t sure what could be the issue—it was a small church, and we all considered each other to be friends. Most of us were even all in a small group together, and knew each other quite well.

After they called me…

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