The Great Unraveling: Faith, Doubt, And The Thread We All Hang By


john pavlovitz


I do believe. Help me overcome my unbelief.  Mark 9:24  – A father with a dying son, to Jesus of Nazareth

(Man, now that guy I get).

We often live in two very different worlds, almost simultaneously.

There are days when faith comes easy, when the reality of God so fully saturates everything; every corner, every cell, every crevice of life, so much so that not believing is all but impossible.

To choose anything other than belief in those times feels like a reckless act of rebellion; an exercise in colossal stupidity. Our worship in those moments, is an almost involuntary response to the beauty and poetry around us.

There are other days, though, days when rhyme and reason and justice and sense, and love and kindness, and any kind of peace seem completely absent from the world; days when things are random and ugly, and the silence from a Divine voice is a deafening sound to the listening soul.

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