Listening from the Outside


So, I’m a middle sibling and also the middle sister. I also have lots of girlfriends. I’ve seen lots of relationships come and go in their lives. I’ve seen the super shitty guys, the nice ones, the lame ones, the mediocre ones, and the ones we thought were THE one.

I’m the listener. I take in their stories. I comment and ask and laugh and cry and get mad with them. I keep up with the latest developments, attempt to give wise council, check in post-breakups with texts, and distract with food when needed.

But, I myself have never had a relationship, or even been on a date. So here’s what I experience.

I listen to the first kiss descriptions. The awkward ones, the GOOD ones, the long awaited ones. I smell the cologne still clinging gently to their clothes. I see that soft sort of happy glow that sounds insanely cliché but is actually a very real thing that happens post good kisses or good talks.

I hear about the awkward conversations, the lack of conversation, or the really deep conversations. I watch them text all day. I get the gift of hearing their precious and special moments. I hear the frustrations, the confusions, the past relationships rundowns.

I watch car doors be opened (or not). I hear stories about their families. Look at pictures from the date. I wait to see if/when I will get to meet them.

It’s fun and good. It’s special to have these people trust me with these important and memorable and special moments and stories and experiences.

So, that’s what it’s like to watch and listen. You learn. You laugh. You get angry. You are sad. You celebrate. You listen. You support.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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