It’s no secret that “the Church” is against LGBTQ people.

I’m surprised at how repulsed and angry and resentful I am toward Christianity and “Christians” for living in ignorance and fear of these people who are simply different from them.

My view, I feel, is unique, because although I am unsure of where I stand entirely in regard to LGBTQ marriage and relationships at this point, I feel very strongly that the stigma we have placed around them and the feelings and ideas we have preached have allowed us to rule them unworthy, even as “abominations” to God.

I feel my view, and my dialogue on these issues is unique, in that, I have GROWN UP in communities- school, church, family, that are the living, breathing, walking embodiment of the “gay people are bad” idea that is promoted by “Christians.” I have grown up being taught that, in school if you are gay- you’re out. People think it’s a choice. I say, BULLSHIT. Stop being ignorant people. You think people want to be hated on? Called fags? Abominations? Be persecuted and tortured and threatened?

If Jesus were still walking this Earth, I’d like to think that he would be THE Ally and friend to the LGBTQ community, that he would break that stigma and stereotype and BE with them. SEE them. Treat them with the equality and respect they deserve.

I am embarrassed and so frustrated that I am associated with this Christian culture that is SO HORRIBLE to the LGBTQ community.

In regard to church and inequality, when you do find a good church that you like, THERE IS RARELY EQUALITY FOR WOMEN THERE. No women pastors, no women elders. It’s like I’m forced to compromise my gender for my religion. The only thing held against me is my gender. AND I CANNOT CONTROL THAT. Yet, the blatant lack of equality is unavoidable in every church I’ve been in.


Jesus, give me courage to raise hell while I’m here, and patience while we wait for things to be made right.

I’m tired of injustice. I’m tired of inequality. I’m tired of feeling inferior, like my voice does not matter. I’m sad and broken for the people who are not accepted in the church. For the people that are discriminated against for their gender, race, sexual orientation. In short, I’m mad. I’m bitter. I’m tired. I’m frustrated.
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,



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