We Can Fight.


Hey peeps,

I just had a small epiphany while watching the new Insurgent trailer. Hang with me while I explain:

As a whole, movies show and tell me that men are the ones who fight and fight back.

And women are the ones they are fighting back for. Women watch while men fight.

We, as women, have this idea that we get to be waited on, that we will be protected, and that we don’t and won’t have to fight, and to that I say: BULLSHIT.

Woman CAN fight. We just don’t see it; we aren’t exposed to the idea. So, when I see the Insurgent trailer, where Tris is fighting back, using her strength, and doing what we see men do in the movies all the time, I feel empowered.

I feel empowered, because I am shown that men are not the only ones that can be strong and fight.

We can too.

So my plea is, stop waiting for a guy to fight for you, to protect you. YOU are capable. We may not see it all the time, but it is a reality. Be capable, be strong, and be a woman.



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