The Problem with Christian Facial Hair


R.L. Stollar //// Overturning Tables

Sex sells in today’s world, and it’s hard to walk around without seeing a billboard, commercial or magazine article that elevates sensuality in order to sell a product or service. Christians should be different shouldn’t they?

This post isn’t going to be popular, but it’s definitely something that needs to be said. I greatly yearn for today’s men and women to find their identity in Christ. And while I believe the church of today is making big strides in helping men come to realize that their worth isn’t found in their scruffy looks, I can’t help but realize how many men of faith still choose to flaunt statuesque facial hair without realizing the harm it can have on other boys that are looking up to them in person, and on social media. I care about the young boys that I seeing come through our churches today. I’m not saying these men are doing it on purpose, but I am saying it…

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