2015: Bring It On



I’m ready for 2015.

In reflection, 2014 has been a year of SUBSTANTIAL growth for me.

Spiritually, my ministry changed my life completely.
WMST opened my eyes to new ideas and stances, both politically and personally, and made me more passionate about women’s issues.

I tried a lot of new things this year and learned to take everything a thing at a time.

I also learned that you CAN say NO to fear and worry.

I learned that it’s ok to like the life I’m creating for myself.

I’m learning to be independent and loving it.

I’ve learned that everybody has a story; appearances aren’t what they seem.

I’m learning that mediocrity is easy and natural. But a REAL life, the life that I want, must be CHOSEN. It is necessary that I make choices that create the life I want; I’ve got to own what I want and say yes to making it happen.

I’ve learned to sit out the things that aren’t “me,” but to say yes to things that grow me and are new adventures and things out of my comfort zone.

I’ve learned that it’s ok to feel. I was afraid to do that. To let the pain in. But I’ve learned that, hey love, that’s part of life. So instead of not feeling anything, I’m choosing to open myself up to the pain, and in doing so I’m also letting love and joy in. Because these things make you grow. They change you, and that’s ok. It’s life, and it’s good.

As I go into the new year, I’m praying for an understanding of Your love because I’m tired of living in fear and out of anxiety.

I pray for new experiences that are fun, adventurous, memorable, and funny. I pray for new friends, new opportunities, and wisdom about the future. I pray for me to learn how to cease from striving to do every single thing, to be every single thing, etc. and instead, learn how to simply be and take things have they come and have wisdom and peace as I go about life.

This year has been a turning point for me in my thoughts on religion, politics, women’s rights, and overall my perspective on relevant issues. I ask for continued guidance and wisdom on how You want me to see and think about these things.

I pray this year would be memorable with fun things, new friends, memories with old friends, courage, feelings, growth, choices, confidence, and joy.
You are good. And You are faithful.

Come on 2015, I’m ready for you.


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