I Am Hungry


I am hungry. I am hungry for real life.

For newness, for authenticity, for originality, for courage.

For life.


I can’t do the mundane.

I need meaning.

I need purpose.


I need life, adventure, breathless moments.

I need late night road trips, nature, and new food.

I need crazy nights, new places, and new people.


I am hungry. I am hungry for life.


I refuse to believe I have to accept mundane, rote, routine.

I was made for more.

I was made to desire more, and, dear Jesus, I do.


I don’t want suburbs.

I don’t want kids.

I don’t want an office life.


I want rawness, nitty-gritty. I crave connection, realness, kindness, Jesus.

          Thy Kingdom come.

          Thy will be done.


We aren’t robots. We aren’t made to be mechanic in our everyday actions.


Life is a gift. A gift that is meant to be abundant.

Good. Full. Raw. Real. Hard. Daring. Happy. Scary. Fun.


I can’t do what the world expects or wants me to do.

I crave black coffee, cool Saharan nights.

Big smiles, Big tears. Big change.

Give me dirt roads and boots. Tents and rice.

Give me meaning over money.

Give me realness over routine.


Give me LIFE.

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